Step-by-Step Roof Light Hanging: A Festive DIY Guide

Nov 28, 2023 | Blog, Christmas Light Hanging Tips, Hillsboro, Roof Decoration Tips

This is the season for festive roofs! Driving around town, one can’t miss the Christmas lights and decorations. Whether you are going for a modest get-up, or really decking the halls, let’s take a look at some roof light hanging tips and tricks from the experts. 

roof decoration tips in Hillsboro


Step 1: Plan Your Lighting Design

Whatever your plans are for your exterior decorations, a plan is a great first step. Figure out where you want each decoration to be and then take stock of the location. Things you should look at include-

  • How will I attach these lights? What am I going to attach these lights to?
  • How will I get power to this location?
  • Do I have enough power to handle the amount of lights I would like to include in my design?
  • Do I want these to be permanent lights, so I don’t have to do the whole setup every year?
  • Do I want all my decorations to be the same color and size, or mix it up? If mixing it up, map out what you want the finished design to look like. 
  • How much time am I going to put into this project? This will help keep your design within a certain scope of work. 

Step 2: Get All Supplies Needed

Is there anything worse than having to stop in the middle of your project because you don’t have enough roof clips or lights? All that momentum is out of the window and you are frustrated. Once you have a plan, make sure to put together a shopping list of items you will need to make your dream come to life! Take stock of what you currently have after you make the list, so you don’t end up buying something you don’t need. 

roof decoration tips in Hillsboro

Step 3: The Fun Part – Create Your Masterpiece!

You have a vision, now make it come to life! With the plan and materials, you should have everything you need to get working on your rooftop wonder. Make sure to remember some sanity-saving tips-

  • Assuming you are working on a roof, make sure you let someone know what you will be doing, or have someone home for the duration of the time you are on the roof. Accidents happen and you want to make sure someone is there to help, if need be. And don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it!
  • Use roof clips, not nails. Roof clips are much safer and widely available, whereas nails can cause damage to your roof/gutters, as well as be problematic when dealing with an active energy source. 
  • Extension cords should be off the ground. This is a good habit to get into, so start now if you don’t already. Make sure your extension cords are protected against accumulated snow and water, as well as passersby and inquisitive children. Making sure your extension cords are secured and off the ground will help your Christmas decorations continue to shine brightly all season long without any type of interruption. 
  • Don’t be afraid to have fun with your design! If you want a beautifully classic design with all one color, go for it! If you want an over-the-top lighting display, shoot for the stars! Most people enjoy driving around to look at lighting displays of all kinds. Be the house on the street that everyone is talking about. 

Festive Season Greetings

At Willey Roofing, we wish you and your family the best this season has to offer. If you are wanting someone to come check your roof before getting up there to decorate, contact us. We would love to ensure this project will bring only joy to your 2023 holiday experience.

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